12th Industrial and Architectural Natural Stone Competition

The main purpose of the Industrial and Architectural Natural Stone Design Competition organized with the support of the Turkish Ministry of Commerce by the Istanbul Mineral Exporters’ Association is to promote the identity of contemporary Turkish design by combining Turkish natural stones with design. Additionally, it aims to emphasize the importance of design in the natural stone sector in Turkey, promote its use, support creative ideas, and contribute to architectural culture and education.

The competition also aims to increase the industrial use of Turkish natural stones, make Turkish natural stones with over 650 colors and patterns more recognizable to architects and designers, and encourage their use in various fields. It seeks to enhance the competitiveness of natural stone exports by developing design-focused, industrially producible, high-value-added, environmentally friendly, and sustainable products and contribute to the development of the sector and the national economy.

Finally, the competition aims to bring together companies in the natural stone sector, professionals and students interested in the sector, designers, architects, and interior designers to reward successful designers and encourage them to establish closer relationships with the industry. The theme of the competition is to create original designs using natural stone, ensuring industrial producibility conditions, and developing new design products and areas with commercial potential that promote the use of natural stone.

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