As the Istanbul Mineral Exporters’ Association, embarking on a journey to carry out all export-related activities in the regions and cities where our country’s exports are concentrated, our most important goal is to elevate our mineral wealth to the rightful place it deserves in the world.

In today’s world, minerals, which hold significant economic, political, cultural, and architectural value, can lead to success when managed with the right strategy, serving as the fundamental resources of life. With a result-oriented management approach, we can harness the potential of our country, which ranks among the few in the world in terms of mineral resources. If we view all stakeholders in our sector as our solution partners, failure is not an option. Approaching every idea and opinion with equal distance is the formula that will lead our association to success. This great responsibility we have taken on our shoulders will guide our efforts by increasing the strength and boundaries of our unity.

Our commitment to our goal and the right results we will achieve have much to offer to our sector. To ensure a strong future for our mineral wealth, we will continue on our path with a just and resolute management model, fully integrating the concept of sustainability into our lives. Managing our perception and image with the right strategy will always be our responsibility in convincing the public. At this point, the bilateral relationships we have established and developed will keep our sector’s initiatives and narratives alive. As our association and sector become stronger, our country will also march confidently toward its goals. As long as we strengthen our belief and connection to each other, no challenge will be insurmountable, and no goal will be unattainable.

By prioritizing the existence of nature and preserving our future borrowed from our children with technological investments that carry out production as the ecosystem of life, we will protect our tomorrows from today.

As the Istanbul Mineral Exporters’ Association, the responsibility to represent our country’s strong mineral wealth in every corner of the world will be our guiding light. Our minerals, which hold value for a strong economy, are in the right hands with us.

I extend my respect, greetings, and love to all of you.

Rüstem Çetinkaya
Istanbul Mineral Exporters’ Association
Chairman of the Board